Richworld Industries is a Apparel manufacturer from Dindigul, Tamil Nadu. The company was founded in 2007 and is devoted to the design and production of socks of innovative styles and high quality.
Currently, the production capacity of Richworld reaches approximately 1laks pairs per day. Most of these products are exported to foreign markets.
Richworld products mainly target middle-class customers in urban areas, aged between 1-70 years old, including young college students, white-collar professionals, entrepreneurs, and businessmen, who are looking for not only comfort but also stylish and fashionable socks to match their casual wear or business casual wear outfit.
Our Brands
Main Products
    Ankle Length Socks
    Crew Length Socks
    Lowcut Socks
    No Show Socks
Company Information
    Year of Registration: 2007
    Location: Dindigul,Tamil Nadu

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